Application Form Information

When completing this application form you will be asked a number of questions relating to your employment, financial situation and living arrangements. You will also need electronic copies of the following information to upload to your application at the end of the form:

❑ Colour copy of all applicants passports;
❑ Proof of savings to cover deposit;
❑ Payslips covering the last three months and your latest P60 or three years’ accounts if you are self-employed; i.e. copies of SA302’s and tax overview
❑ Bank statements covering the last three months;
❑ Documentation showing any loan agreements;
❑ Credit card statements for the last three months;
❑ A copy of your rent statement for the past three months;
❑ A letter from each applicants employer;
❑ An Equifax credit report for each applicant.

If you do not have these, then please gather them before trying to complete your application. Any application forms submitted without the supporting information will not be submitted to the local authority for allocations. If you have any problems filling out the application form please contact us on 0800 876 6060. 

If you're applying for properties in Slough, you must be registered with Slough Borough Council before you can apply with us so please do not fill out the application until you have done this.

Once we have received your completed application we will send you a copy via Echosign which will allow you to legally sign the application form electronically.

Application Form